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the meditation app

short practices for softness & self connection.

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she's here; the temple meditation app.

this is an app dedicated to reminding you of your wholeness.

through gentle meditations, you'll be guided back to softness & freedom.


weekly meditations, a meditation library & favorites section. 


the first meditation app

dedicated to women.

the temple meditation app offers easy self connection tools for women.

it exists to offer simple, quick practices to anchor you into your body.

the meditations are created to be accessible at any moment.

this way, soft self-connection is always available to you.

all practices are based on goddess tantra, self-regulation, mindfulness & women's work.

all meditations are about 5 minutes in length & guided by jessica fawn.

how does it work?

when you download the app, you get instant FREE access to the weekly meditation on the homepage.

every monday, the free weekly meditation is updated.

if you want access to the entire meditation library, or create a favorites section, you can sign up for a paid subscription.

you can cancel your subscription at any moment.

you can use the app without creating an account.



a place of beauty

the temple meditation app is a place of beauty.

every meditation has its own hand-made oil painting

to help connect with the energy of the practice.

because at temple,

we believe that beauty & art have the ability to nourish our internal & external world.

all art is handmade by olivia pintér


who is this app for?

the temple app is for the woman who:

  • desires easy access to guidance

  • despite her busy life, seeks softness

  • wants to spend more time on self-connection

  • longs to connect to her sensuality 

  • struggles with regular meditation

  • seeks a more embodied approach to healing

  • wants to make tantra part of her daily life

if this is you, you know what to do!

wanna get a taste first?

feel the vibe with the free pussy powered meditation.

click the button to get access.

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