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temple backstory

even though there has been growing popularity in women's healing, many sources have still been exclusive, time-intenstive, or too "woo-woo" for most.

temple exists to offer a slow, soft & sustainable way to connect with the same subjects.

the practices are simple, the content accessible & the pace is calm.

this way, healing becomes available to the most rational, busy, down-to-earth, money-conscious woman.

at temple we believe that every woman deserve support, at every moment.

the world is a place that makes many women feel empty, unsafe or insecure, & temple is there to offer the counterbalance.

rooted in goddess traditions & somatic healing, temple offers tools that are fit for women of all backgrounds & needs. 

about the founder

temple was founded by jessica fawn.

jessica is trained in Shakti Tantra, Neo-Tantra & academically specialized in Goddess Spirituality.

she has dedicated her academic life to researching how Goddess spirituality helps women recreate their lives & identities.


as a result, she has dedicated her professional life to creating safe spaces for women to reconnnect to themselves.

in 2020 jessica started teaching courses focussed on female sexual awakening, self worth & cyclical living.

in the following years, she has guided thousands of women to places of softness & wholeness.


the level of her success has shown jessica how big the need is for women to receive these teachings, in the specific style she developed over the years.

jessica's style is a combination of rational & spiritual, of down-to-earth & open-minded, of playful & respectful.

in 2022 temple was created, from jessica's desire to create a more slow, sustainable process of healing. 

jessica's dream behind temple is making women's self-love & empowerment tools as accessible, easy & normal as possible.


the story of the logo

people see many different things in the temple logo:

waves, mountains, a woman's body, flow

and this, is exactly the point of the logo.

it's all of it, at the same time.

all of it is sacred. all of it is the temple.

earth, woman, softness, the ups & downs of life - this is the temple.

inside temple we believe:


a woman's body is nature

her cyclical, flowing nature is her power

her softness is her sacred space

a woman's body is a sacred, beautiful landscape

a woman's being is a complex, powerful kaleidoscope

& the remembrance of all this, is the purpose of temple.

the core phrase of temple is

"a safe space to remember the sacred nature of being woman"

philosophy & values

the main premise of temple is supporting women to come back to their natural state of softness & freedom.

reaching a natural state of wholeness starts with inner safety.

inner safety is born from a regulated nervous system, a sense of self worth & self-connection.


  • theory on female (neuro)biology, spiritual traditions, archetypes, cyclical living & history

  • practices such as self-regulation, embodied movement, breathwork, presence meditation, self-pleasure

help create a sense of self-connection & relaxation.

the main values of temple are:


safety, authenticity, play, respect, authority

in temple we believe in the specific healing needed for female-bodied humans. 

this means that some tools are specifically focussed on female body parts such as breasts, womb, genitals, menstrual cycles, female arousal processes.

temple is however open to all gender identities, as one of the main purposes is to help people create their own authentic identity.


the sacred as an antidote to shame


most of us grew up in a world that shames women.

for her body, her menstruation, her expression

her body & behavior are only allowed to be a certain, limited way.

all this, ignites the shame cycle.

in this process, a woman starts to abandon herself, and through that, create even more disconnection & shame.

this is a downwards spiral.

in temple, we try to reverse that spiral.

instead of the shame cycle, we ignite the sacredness cycle.

we remind women of their inherent beauty, their incredible complexity, the power of their authenticity.

we remind women of how their body is a beautiful, innocent piece of nature

and their being & identity is a free, flexible thing to play with.

by realizing this,  she will automatically open to the joys of life:

creativity, connection, pleasure, inspiration, bliss.

this is an upwards spiral.

this is what we want for every single woman.



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