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practices to help you soften & reconnect

below you'll find different free offerings to help you connect with the energy of temple.

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pussy powered practice

this is one of the practices from the temple toolkit app.

in this practice you'll be guided to connection with your yoni,

& activate the power potential of your sexuality.

this is a traditional shakti tantric practice.

the shaktas perceived the yoni & sexual energy as manifestations as the Goddess (Shakti),

and therefor, as deeply sacred.

this applies to us in that our yoni & turn on are sources of inspiration, creativity & aliveness.

by activating this part of us, we charge our entire body.

give it a try!

free weekly ritual


in this class you can join me & the temple sisters in a weekly ritual.

these are short gatherings that happen every monday inside the temple school.

in this ritual i guide you to a foundational tantric practice;

to receive & feel reality as a lover ❤️

it’s a slow, sensual practice of feminine energy.

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bi-weekly notes for softness, sensuality & self-love.

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