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a safe space to remember your sacred nature


welcome home

welcome to temple, the platform for women's healing.​

temple offers tools for self-love, sexual awakening & inner safety.


the purpose of temple is to make these tools more accessible than ever before.

because at temple we believe that every woman deserves to feel free & soft.


temple has 2 offerings:

a meditation app & a school.

each of these provide different kinds of support. combined, they create a complete toolkit for women seeking self-growth.

temple - the toolkit app

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free weekly meditation || €5.99 per month 

the temple meditation app exists to offer quick, simple tools to connect.

these meditations are created to help you soften; whenever, wherever. 

on the homepage you find to a free meditation, updated weekly.


the meditation library & favorites page are paid features.

temple - the school


membership || starting at 15$ per month

the temple school is a private membership school for women.

as a member you get access to classes, rituals & a community space. 

doors open march 2024

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the method

the temple teaching methods & practices 

inside the app & community are inspired by

shakti tantra, advaita vedanta, trauma healing & self-regulation.


the content consists of

meditation, embodiment, visualization,

gentle movement & emotional release.


everything is accessible for beginners.

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have a taste

click the button below to access a potent practice from the temple meditation app.

this is a sweet, simple yoni activation. the more you do this practice, the more alive your sexual energy becomes!


for the love of beauty

temples are sacred spaces for connection with beauty.

that is why the temple meditation app & community are always adorned by hand painted artworks & other artworks created by women.

beauty & creativity are some one of the main values of temple.

have a look at the beautiful temple artworks we have so far:

1 (2).png
portrait (10).png
portrait (8).png

all art is created by olivia pintér

the why

temple exists to make women's healing as accessible, easy & consistent as possible.

it's temple's mission to offer women tools in cultivating

  • inner safety

  • sensual awakening

  • self-worth


in the most sustainable way.

click below to learn more about the background story, the founder & the values.


bi-weekly notes for softness, sensuality & self-love.

the temple's newsletter is here!

every 2 weeks you'll receive an email full of inspiration on all things

  • women's healing

  • goddess spirituality

  • nature embodiment

expect personal thoughts from temple's founder jessica fawn, a knowledge piece & an integration prompt.

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