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temple classics

sweet woman,

your reflections on your experience in temple are warmly received.

as an exchange, below are ten of our most-loved classes from the last few months, yours to keep & come back to whenever you like.

your presence & contribution is helping us to make temple as special as it can be.

thank you for being here. 


goddess tantra
full spectrum woman

with jess

in this foundational goddess tantra class we dive into the goddess perspective & bring it into our human, womanly experience.

for this class you need:

  • safe, private space to move in

  • a cozy nest to rest in

feminine alchemy
sacred shadows

with polly

in this class, we delve deep into the shadow aspects of our selves, exploring the hidden corners of our psyche with courage and compassion.

bring with you:

  • courage

  • curiosity

  • a journal

moon circle
open to longing

with rae

in this moon circle we unravel into our sweet human hearts and grant ourselves permission to open to the deep longing that is present here.

expect - shaking, guided moving meditation and journalling.

creative expression
i am the goddess

with tehada

in this class you will awaken your inner artist, learn to express yourself and your emotions in different ways, connect to your intuition and lots of fun and freedom for your inner child.

the class is guided by a meditation/visualisation, curated music and prompts.

elemental dance
inner spring

with carla

in this class you'll learn the dance of the inner spring, follicular phase, waxing moon. expect meditation, breath, guided & free movement.

for this you need:

  • lots of space to move

  • clothes that allow you to move freely (i invite you to dance without underwear)

  • headphones or speakers to feel music

  • your favourite essential oil

yin breathwork
breathing with the earth

with kirstin

we'll use trauma-informed yin breathwork, prerecorded music, meditation, visualization, and simple movement practices to get beyond the conditioned body-mind into a vaster field of perception where deep integration & re-patterning can happen. 

you'll need:

  • a private space where you feel safe

  • comfortable clothes

  • somewhere to lay down comfortably

  • a journal, and candles/incense to create a sense of ritual

  • headphones would be supportive, but aren't essential.

nature embodiment
coming home

with sofi

in this class, we will call ourselves home to our bodies.​ expect gentle practices like self-holding, conscious touch and intuitive movement.

you will need:

  • a safe space

  • space to move

  •  comfy place to sit

  • optional: body lotion for some self-massage

sensual awakening
rose goddess

with eleni

in this class we'll connect and activate the Codes of the Rose for sensual awakening. expect a brief introduction to the symbol of the Rose and it's connection to the Goddess, visualisation, sensual movement. 

for this class you need:

  • a rose (any colour) 

  • private space

  • clothes that allow movement

  • space to move 

shamanic ceremony
native feminine wisdom

with roslyn

in this class we learn about the first clan mother, from the native wisdom book the 13 original clan mothers. you will create your own nature mandala, share stories and then relax and integrate with a sound journey.


you will need:

  • natural items (twigs, flowers, feathers, stones)

  • or art supplies to create a mandala

  • a sacred space to drop into ceremony

seductive dance

with cait

in this class you will connect with your body and embrace sensuality in a supportive environment.

you will need:

  • sensory items (like a candle, body oil, some chocolate etc) 

  • adorn yourself in something that makes you feel sexy. this could be lingerie, your favorite dress or yoga gear, just make sure you can move freely! 

  • high are heels recommended, and ankle support advised. 

  •  yoga mat is also suggested for stretching and movement 

  • a large mirror

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