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soft woman

3 day free challenge

welcome woman

you might've already felt it.

something in the world is changing.

more & more women are returning to softness.

they're remembering that softness isn't weakness;

it's strength.

this remembrance is a global movement.

and i invite you to be a part of it.

welcome to the soft woman renaissance

in this 3-day challenge, we will go there.

in 3 short & potent classes,

i'll guide you through the pillars of softness;

  • deep self love

  • slow sensuality

  • feminine power

practical information


  • private community space inside temple


  • 3 daily classes of 30 minutes each

  • embodiment, visualization, movement


  • live classes on zoom

  • replays inside private community


  • sign up below to receive all info into your inbox

are you ready to soften?

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