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soft woman essentials

welcome queen!

if you scroll down you'll find all the essentials & their download links.

let these essentials bring you back to softness & remind you of its power!


essential 1 - affirmations

we need a lot of reminders. it's not easy to stay soft in a harsh & intense world! let these phone backgrounds help you.

pick your favorite! there are 4 in total.


essential 2 - prompts

journaling is such a tangible & potent tool to come back to softness. all you need is a journal (i like to journal digitally, to help write quickly & intuitvely!) & some time. 

there are 3 categories of journal prompts;
general, inquiry & visioning.


essential 3 - practices

we all need guidance. in these 3 quick audio practices, i guide you to softness.

you can download these to your phone & always have them with you in your spotify!

- check-in
- softening
- making space

portrait (1).png

essential 4 - playlist

i've created a spotify playlist filled with tracks that make me feel soft, sensual & alive.

listen to this music whenever you want to drop in, breathe & remind yourself that it's okay to relax.

temple logo_edited.png


do you want more softness in your life?

check out my women's school for softness & sensuality.

there are daily classes in tantra, goddess ritual, feminine embodiment, self-love & more.

doors open march 25 & stay open for 4 DAYS ONLY!

after, they close for 6 months.

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