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the school

live classes, rituals & sisterhood.

the temple school is a digital safe space for women

to gather, heal & grow.

live online classes & gatherings

will guide you to deep self-connection & worthiness.

it's a sisterhood space for authentic connection, with self & others.


daily live classes, sharing space, replay library


how does it work?


temple is an online school for women.

it is completely private; only paid members have access.

there are 2 membership tiers: sage & priestess.

sage gives access to the full live class schedule.

priestess gives access to all from sage + a teacher training

registration opens twice a year.

the next time doors open is march 2024.



tiers & pricing

school memberships

receive daily guidance & access to the communtiy


$19 per month

school membership

  • live class schedule

  • 4 to 5 live classes (1h calls) per week

  • guidance by jessica fawn & professional temple teachers

teacher training

for those who desire to hold space themselves

priestess program

$59 per month

everything from sage

  • monthly 2-hour masterclass by jessica fawn in intimate setting

  • self study materials

  • entrepreneur course "TO RISE" (value $597)

you can cancel, up- or downgrade at any time.

read all the other terms & conditions here.

doors open again in march 2024

about the live schedule

as a sage member you'll get access to daily classes.

each class is designed to help you feel soft, free & alive.

all lessons are taught on zoom & replays will be available.

read more about all the classes & gatherings below

weekly classes

the temple school has a weekly schedule with 1-hour classes daily monday-friday.

every weekly class is lead by 2 alternating teachers. this way, you get the most variation in content & energy.



every monday at 11AM CET

mondays are all about setting yourself up for a beautiful week. you'll be guided into your center & from there, set an intention for your week. 

tools used:

  • grounding meditation

  • high self connection

  • intention setting

this ritual will leave you feeling hopeful & calm.

note: this is the only call sisters have access to

taught by Jessica Fawn (click name for more info)


every tuesday at 7PM CET

tuesdays are all about igniting your inner spark. you'll cultivate self-love, authentic expression & freedom

through tools such as

  • inner child work

  • art making

  • visualization

this class will leave you feeling inspired & open.

taught by Tehada & Polly



every wednesday at 7PM CET

wednesdays are about remembering the power of your womanly body. you'll connect with your erotic essence & pleasure potential.

tools used are:

  • self-pleasure

  • goddess embodiment

  • yoni steaming

this class will leave you feeling charged & powerful

taught by Jessica & Riina


every thursday at 7PM CET

thursdays are all about releasing & relaxing. this is your moment to truly receive nourishment.

you'll be guided into gentle relaxation & self-connection,

using tools such as:

  • breathwork

  • sound bath

  • stress release tools

this class will leave you feeling relaxed & grounded

taught by Kirstin & Roslyn



every friday at 7PM CET

fridays are all about letting go of your week & dropping your mind. you'll be guided back into the body through gentle movement & tools such as:

  • gentle yoga

  • intuitive movement

  • breathing

this class will leave you feeling alive & soft

taught by Camille & Carla

monthly gatherings

besides the weekly schedule, all sages also receive access to monthly gatherings: the moon lodge & the book club


every full & new moon

the moon lodges are all about sisterhood, connection & womb wisdom. 

you'll be guided to reflect on your life, share & learn from other women's sharing.

through tools such as:

  • journaling

  • sharing circle

  • womb connection

this class will leave you feeling fulfilled & inspired

taught by Ra & Rae



once a month 

the book club is all about expanding your mind & learning interesting new ideas & perspectives. you'll receive monthly reading materials & gather with others to discuss what you learned.

tools used in this class:

  • discussion

  • listening

  • critical thinking

this class will leave you feeling inspired & activated

taught by Victoria

doors open again in march 2024

in-depth membership information



this is the full school membership.

you get access to everything of the live class schedule.

this is for those who are so ready to dive into their power & sensuality.

if you've been seeking for a place to dive into goddess tantra,
self love & women's work, this is it!

the live schedule will include classes by jess & temple teachers.

classes include:

goddess embodiment
creative expression
deep relaxation

classes are all around 60 minutes

every class will be recorded & available to replay for 7 days

time commitment:
time for live temple classes



this is the teacher training.

the priestess tier is for those who feel a calling to guide women's healing spaces themselves.

if it's your dream to teach & guide yourself - this is for you.

in the priestess program you'll recei
ve guidance on


  • how to step into your power

  • ​how to find your unique mission

  • how to share it with the world.

you get access to everything from sister & sage
+ a monthly 2-hour live masterclass with jessica fawn

+ jessica fawn's entrepreneur course TO RISE (click for more info)

the program include subjects such as:

- defining your unique essence
​- how to hold safe space
- stepping into true, deep confidence

- how to tap into feminine creative energy
- understanding the nervous system & trauma
- how to use your erotic power to teach

time investment

monthly 2-hour masterclass
time for self-study work 

read more about the program here


what current members say

Screenshot 2023-08-17 104741.png
Screenshot 2023-08-17 104720.png
Screenshot 2023-08-17 104832.png

who is it for?

the temple school is for the woman who:

  • desires access to shared growth & support

  • seeks continuous, consistent inspiration

  • wants to learn about goddess tantra & women's work

  • wants to expand herself & her life

  • longs for slow, sustainable healing

  • seeks a community of likeminded women

  • desires more beauty in her life

what members say:

click here to hear the women's voices

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frequently asked questions

is community engagement mandatory/expected?

you are invited to share in the community & engage with other's content, but it's always optional. yet, temple is a safe space to practice taking up space. 

is live attendance mandatory/expected?

attending the classes is optional. replays are available of all classes & gatherings.

what if i don't have any spiritual/tantra experience?

temple is created with the intend to make the content as accessible as possible. i believe the teachings should be simple & down-to-earth. you don't need any spiritual or tantric background to understand any of the content. i'm personally a very rational person with a need for clarity & theory - so this is always part of what i create. 

why is this a woman-only space?

this space is devoted to female-bodied women for a reason. i believe that existing in a female body is a very specific experience & needs specific healing. a lot of the content includes physical practices such as breast massage, or yoni (vagina) activation, which makes having a female body necessary. the gender concept & what it means to be a woman is always yours to create. i believe in fluidity in identity & groundedness in the physical reality. note: we use the words "woman", "she" & "her" so check in if that feels okay with you.

is what if i want to end my membership?

you are always able to end your membership. note: you can't join again until doors open again. doors open each 6 months. DOORS WILL OPEN AGAIN MARCH 2024.

what if i want to up- or downgrade?

you are always able to up- and downgrade your membership.

can i freeze my membership?

at this point you are not able to freeze your membership.

have another question? feel free to email us.

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doors open again in march 2024

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