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priestess program

temple priestess program


the temple priestess program exists to teach others how to guide & hold space for women’s healing & liberation. the total duration of this program is 12 months.


after 6 months, students will get the opportunity to start practice-teaching inside temple. after 12 months, the students will receive an official certificate of completion and an extensive manual.

the methodology

the method taught in this training is based on the unique & transformative way of jessica fawn teachings. it's based on the 6 pillars that create the foundation for gentle women's healing.

the 6 pillars:

  1. safety

  2. softness

  3. sensitivity

  4. sacredness

  5. sensuality

  6. strength


pillars explained:


how to create safety for self & others. creating safety for others through authenticity, honesty, structure & clarity. creating safety for self through financial clarity, direction & self connection. making others feel comfortable by feeling comfortable yourself. 


how to be sensitive towards sources of stress, e.g. nervous system awareness, social anxiety awareness, respect for trauma. understand the historical & social reasons why women feel the way they do. know how the journey feels to cultivate compassion.


how to create self-worth through a connection with the sacred. to feel purposeful and inherently worthy as a unique human being. connecting with divine inspiration to create unique & alive content. 


how to be connected with one’s body, to teach & share from the body. knowing that it is in the body where the transformation takes place. how to reach others in their body. how to make others connect with their body. to know the importance of sexuality on the healing journey.


know your unique strengths (and weaknesses) - your unique set of traits & qualities. your ability to stay grounded while holding space. cultivate this strength through presence, self awareness, grounding in passion, wanting to stand for something. 


how to cultivate softness in self & others. how to create space for relaxation, emotional release, vulnerability, embodiment & realness. how to allow self & others to be fully human, soft in the heart & connected to compassion. how to cultivate kindness.

every 2 months we dive into 1 pillar.


september + october

part 1: what are your unique strengths as an individual? what are your unique traits & qualities? this is where you learn to stop trying to be like others and step into your unique strength and power. this requires radical honesty & integrity.

part 2: what is the inner king & why is it important? becoming grounded. cultivating the ability to hold space and listen (to self and others). healing the masculine/father wound. cultivating healthy masculine, in self & in others.


november + december

part 1: why is the concept of the sacred important to be a woman’s empowerment guide? this part helps you see the purpose of the bigger mission, to feel the importance & to see the collective need. you'll learn how the concept of the sacred is truly powerful in recreating identity & one’s experience of life, and how it can be a huge key to self-worth.

part 2: this part focusses on your personal connection with the divine. how do you plug into divine inspiration, your higher intelligence? what are the qualities of your soul, what is your divine mission? you'll start to feel inherent worthiness, divine inspiration, play and fueled by a sacred mission.

pillar SAFETY

january + february 

part 1: in this part you'll learn how to create internal safety. you'll learn how to cultivate safety for yourself by showing up for yourself, supportive routines, goals, time management and financial clarity.

part 2: here you will learn how to create external safety. you'll learn how to create safety for others through authenticity, honesty, transparency, structure & clarity. safety you'll be able to make others feel comfortable by being comfortable in yourself.


march + april

part 1: here we will work on cultivating inner feminine & the ability to relax into life. you'll learn how to deeply feel, be vulnerable & open-hearted. we will look at the feminine/mother wound & work on healing this part of the psyche. we'll discuss: what is the inner queen, what is her power, & why is it important?

part 2: here you'll learn how to cultivate feminine energy in others; how to guide emotional processes and invite deep feelings. you'll learn how to use your own inner darkness to invite others to go there too. this is strongly related to emotional intelligence.


may + june 

part 1: in this part we discuss the importance of the body. we'll integrate concepts such as cosmic body & animal nature. this will allow you to feel humble in your humanness & to guide in a connected and down-to-earth way. you'll be able to soothe the spiritual ego & cultivate grounding in yourself & others.

part 2. this part focusses on the erotic. you'll learn about the importance of embracing human's erotic nature & how to navigate eros. you'll be able to use your erotic energy as a power source & you'll be able to activate it in others. 


july + august 

part 1: here you'll learn about the importance of nervous system awareness while guiding. we'll discuss the polyvagal theory & trauma response. what are techniques to soothe the nervous system? what are journeys & practices to soften trauma response? you'll be able to guide inner child connection, reparenting & healing parent relationships.

part 2: in this part we look at collective and individual trauma. we learn about the importance of understanding history & social norms. this unlocks wisdom about how to guide others in healing collective & individual trauma. 

after 6 months of attending the priestess program, you'll be invited to start teaching inside a private space inside temple. this is for the purpose of playful practice. it's a safe space to explore your unique style of teaching. this is always optional. 

after 12 months of attending the priestess program, you'll receive a manual with tools, theory & scripts of practices. these you can use to start guiding classes yourself. you will also receive a completion certificate to honor your dedication & offer you grounding in your confidence.

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as a priestess, you also get access to

jessica fawn's entrepreneurship course TO RISE

this is self-paced course consists of

- 4 x 2-hour masterclass (recording)

- 4 workbooks with theory & practice

- 4 modules with guided practices (audio), tutorial videos, excel sheets

all to help you create, grow & sustain your business

read more here


questions about the priestess program? email me

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