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calm power

a 10-day meditation journey to strength & serenity

welcome, woman

take a breath.

you've arrived.

you can relax.

you already took the most important step;


the first one.

from here onwards, it's easy.

calm power is a journey of relaxing into your being.


it's a 10-day meditation challengeconsisting of 10 simple, short, sweet practices of self-connection.


every day, you find a new audio on the temple meditation app.

it's all for free.

to sign up, enter your email at the bottom of the page.

this is calm power.


practical overview


  • free daily audio meditation (5-7 minutes each)

  • daily reflection prompt

  • gentle breathwork, visualization, embodiment



  • homepage of the temple meditation app (free download)

  • daily prompts on jessica fawn instagram story


  • start june 19th

  • end june 28th

  • daily meditation stays on app homescreen for 24 hours



  • you'll receive the download links & other instructions over email

  • 1 meditation per day, for 10 days. everything is beginner friendly


are you in?

enter your email below & you'll receive the details straight away.

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